About Ryanair Virtual Group

Ryanair Virtual Group was established in December 2023. Ryanair Virtual Group is not only about Ryanair but Lauda, Buzz and Malta Air. Bringing you around Europe's busiest and smallest airport, Ryanair Virtual Group offers you the opportunity to discover Europe like you never did.

Ryanair operates two aircraft types, the Boeing 737-800 and the Airbus A320-200 to destinations across Europe, with a focus on offering fast and low fares services. At Ryanair Virtual Group, we aim to provide our pilots with the best and most similar experience with a range of virtual flights that reflect the real-world operations of Ryanair.

We are proud to represent Ryanair as a virtual airline and to offer our pilots the opportunity to experience the excitement and challenge of flying for a leading European airline. Our commitment to realism and attention to detail make Ryanair Virtual Group an ideal choice for flight simmers who want to experience the thrill of flying for a real-world airline.

It's time to take-off